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Toss The Turtle 183 Guide

2009-08-21 05:23:27 by Cronoz34

well this is the first time I made a video guide..
feel free to Critic..
it is a guide about the endless bounce glitch

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im' back..

2009-08-09 09:45:58 by Cronoz34

it has been a while but im finnaly back..
but will be off once more before the end of the month..
so before that i have myself a lot of free

Drunken diety

2009-06-13 07:11:36 by Cronoz34

its my first time practicing AK2..
and just unlocked some on its medal but still
have a long way to go..t'll i get the DD medal..arrgghh!!

june 13..
just achieved the bat crazy and full case medals..
will try the survivalist and olympian some other day...

Just want to post something..

2009-04-09 07:00:58 by Cronoz34

this chick really is something..

Just want to post something..